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Through the Movement We Find the Health

Nia Practice

Nia's philosophy is through movement we find health. Nia fitness is based on the idea that exercise should feel good inside and out.
Nia is a cardio dance group fitness class that incorporates martial arts, dance arts and healing arts. As an ongoing practice, Nia promotes mindfulness and holistic fitness and well-being.
Nia empowers people of all shapes and sizes to connect to their body, mind, emotions and spirit by paying attention to sensation.
Nia is sensational! Every Nia class guides students to mindfully focus on sensation in their body while listening and dancing to music. Each class has its own kind of magic that fosters personal creativity and expression.
Nia is practiced barefoot. Through non-impact choreography and listening to the intelligence of the body's design, Nia delivers a holistic fitness experience. Every class is tailored and adapted to individual needs and abilities. Nia teachers are trained to show students a variety of intensity levels and ways to modify movements to safely condition their bodies.
Typically, Nia classes are 60 minutes and include a mindful intention, warm-up, aerobic conditioning, strength training, cool down and movements promoting flexibility. Nia choreography is based on 52 moves designed to exercise every joint and muscle group in the body.
Nia classes are taught by licensed Nia teachers.
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Nia’s purpose is to grow a worldwide community of healthy people empowered to do great things.
We believe every person can discover, explore, unleash and enhance their individual potential to live a fulfilling and meaningful life – by engaging their senses and listening to their bodies.