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Through the Movement We Find the Health


I (Yuki Maezawa) am Nia Black belt teacher / Yoga teacher and Therapist in Tokyo.

I worked too hard and one day I could not get up form the bed by overwork. I realized that this is not How I should work. And Wondering what do I work for? How should I live? So I change my job afterwards. I reopened the ballet that I did in the days of a child from thought "to have to move a body".

After that I moved USA, While continuing ballet I met Yoga, Pilates etc. I noticed comfortableness to move a body afterwards.

In 2002 I met Nia finally.
I felt that my body and my spirit were really released when I danced Nia for the first time.
“Not "right form”, Where does your foot want to move? Hear the voice of your foot.”
“It is not teacher’s foot nor other’s foot but your foot can tell you where to go”
When my first Nia teacher Erika told me so, I felt I allowed to be me, and my body moves me.

While I continued Nia,I understood that I don’t have to change my body by force, but the sense that my body felt can change me softly.

I believe my body.

Believing my Body means believing my mind and spirit as well. Good things and bad things are equally exist in me and that is natural.

And its being possible for anyone other.
Through dancing, I want teach to aware one's body-mind-spirit and emotion.
I want to tell you to what I sensed, I work as teacher of Nia.

Nia Black belt teacher / 5 stages instructor

Senior yoga leader training lecture completion (luna works)
reading curing a bodily disorder by massage, manual therapeutics, chiropractic etc. basic completion

Yuki’s Blog about Nia, yoga of food, flowers:

Nia Black belt teacher / Yoga teacher and Therapist YUKI